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December 8, 2018
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What is the best soil for potted plants?

In the last decade or two, the term “potted plant” has taken on a new meaning. It’s an adjective no longer limited to describing that odd green leafy plant standing in the corner of your grandmother’s living room. Nowadays, you can find everyone from the home cook to the urban homesteader growing a wide range of vegetation in pots and containers of all sizes.

Whether it’s annuals, herbs or potatoes, when you’re not planting something directly into the ground, more often than not the thing that distinguishes a plant that’s surviving from one that’s thriving is the type of soil you use.

You may be surprised to learn that the one thing you may not find in good potting soil is, well, soil. At least not the stuff you see outside in your garden. Most good potting soil will is comprised of composted plant material like mushrooms, peat moss and various types of bark.

Also unlike the dirt in your garden, potting soil is sterilised to prevent the spread of disease and to destroy any unwanted seeds from sneaky weeds.

The variety you can find in your local garden supply store can be overwhelming. Each brand produces and presents their mixes like contestants at a mad scientist convention. You’ll find organic soils, soils with fertiliser, soil without compost, soil with slow release nutrients and so on.

Confusing matters even further, certain plants do better in different types of potting soil. The “lightness” or “heaviness” of the material - that is, how well it does or doesn’t drain - can affect plants in different ways. Plants that are used to dry climates may prefer a soil that retains less water, while others that like a drink may need soil that holds on to moisture even longer.

An expert gardening services provider like Sergio’s Gardening can offer sound advice on what type of soil to use.

When you retain our landscaping or mowing service, you can get honest and accurate advice on how the vegetation inside your home and out in your garden can go from limp weaklings to hardy, proud plants.

Sergio’s Gardening offers friendly, experienced and professional gardening services. Visit our website and get a free quote today.

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