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Unusual garden hedges

When the poet Robert Frost penned the now-famous saying “Good fences make good neighbours”, he didn’t specify the material these “good fences” should be made of. If you like the idea of being surrounded by green living things, you may have opted to surround your home with a hedge rather than a wooden or metal fence.

Hedges can serve many purposes and naturally, your goal will determine the type of plant you use. If you need privacy or a windbreak, you need to use a plant that will produce a tall hedge. If you want a green fence that will accentuate your property line or provide a unique and attractive border in your garden, you may need to opt for a shorter plant.

If you don’t have a hedge already or if you want to shake things up, here are a few out of the box ideas for great garden hedges that can create head-turning results.

Bamboo – Bamboo can provide a beautiful, fast growing hedge. It grows tall and thick enough to ensure privacy and a decent level of protection against high winds. Some folks find bamboo a little difficult to maintain, but retaining gardening services like the ones we provide at Sergio's Gardening will reduce the work and worry.

Cumquats – This plant has the added benefit of producing fruit which means that you will be able to brag of having an edible hedge. When cumquats blossom, they create a lovely, fragrant white flower. The fruit will no doubt be an excellent way to attract local birds - that is if you don’t get to it first.

Guava – This tropical plant comes in many varieties and also has the benefit of producing fruit. Pineapple guavas tend to be the most used species for hedges, and the sweet golfball sized fruit is highly coveted by property owners and local fauna alike.


If you want to chat with an expert on what hedges to plant or can no longer be bothered tending to the ones you already have, give us a call or sign up for a free quote on our website.

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