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December 8, 2018
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February 8, 2019
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The best fertilisers you should be using for your home garden

Like the human body, plants need nutrients to be healthy and thrive. Fertilisers are an integral part of the care regime of any garden. They help plants proliferate, produce more fruit and assist in fighting off disease.

However, with so many to choose from and so many opinions on the subject offered online, it can be hard to select any one fertiliser to use. Here are some suggestions for what we feel are the best fertilisers to use in and around your home and garden.

Water-soluble fertilisers – As the name suggests, these fertilisers dissolve in water and are applied to your plants by putting a little bit in your watering can. While they are fast-acting compared to granular fertilisers, they do require frequent application. If you have hired a gardening service, your gardener can use it as part of their regular duties.

Homemade fertilisers - The best way to know what is in your compost is to make it yourself. Self-manufactured fertilisers are an excellent option for those who may be concerned about what’s feeding the plants that are in turn feeding their family. Giving a mixture of banana peels, eggshells and old teabags a run through the blender or food processor will create a natural, nutrient-rich mix that can be either buried in the hole along with a plant or placed in water and used to feed your plants once a fortnight.

Store-bought organic fertilisers – This, again, may be a perfect option for those who want a non-chemical way of ensuring their plants stay healthy naturally. Organic fertilisers can boost a plant's immune system and help them fight off many common bacterial or fungal diseases. It also ensures that the microbes in your soil are ever-present by providing them with a food source. All of this helps supply the plant with the best chance to not only survive but thrive in your yard.

If you are looking to hire a gardening or mowing service, give us a call at Sergio’s Gardening or book yourself in for a free quote here.

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