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How to get your children to enjoy gardening

Teaching your children how to garden is an important endeavour. Gardening helps imbue young ones with an appreciation for their environment and a sense of duty to care for it.

With the number of distractions present in our digital age, it may be a challenge getting the kids outdoors. In this case, it’s necessary to get them excited about growing plants of their own.

Here are a few tips that will help get your children so enthused about digging outside in the soil that they’ll be begging you to go into the backyard.

Give them their own space:

Children love owning things and knowing that something is set aside especially for them. Culling out a patch in the garden solely designated for their plants or purchasing a raised garden bed and putting their name on it will give them a sense of responsibility, ownership and obligation to their garden and the things growing in it.

Let them pick their seeds:

Find out what it takes to make sure the plant is healthy, how long it takes to germinate and grow, what it can be used for once it has matured. All of this will make them eager to watch it grow and excited during each stage of the plant’s life.

Help them cook using the plants they harvest:

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