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Easy plants to grow in your garden for a healthy, balanced diet

More so now than ever, choosing healthy food is not limited to selecting green and leafy vegetables. Knowing where those vegetables come from also matters.

It is important to consider where your food is sourced and how it is grown. Find out what type of fertilisers and pesticides were used (if any) and how long it was stored before it was placed on your grocer’s shelf. This can mean the difference between consuming a nutrient-rich plant and one that may not be all that good for you in the long run.

An easy way to be sure of the answer to any of these vital questions is to grow the food yourself.

Here is a short list of easy to grow plants that you can plant in your home garden for your family’s dinner table.


From heirloom varieties to the regular beefsteak, this versatile fruit comes in many forms. A little research will help you decide which one is best for you, but generally, all of them can be grown in containers and small spaces, making them a mainstay of even the tiniest garden. They mature relatively quickly and only require a minimal amount of attention. Bush varieties, in particular, don’t need training or any extra money spent on trellises.


Oregano is the unsung hero of the pantry. It adds a sophisticated flavour to most meals and is extremely easy to grow. Once you get an oregano bush going, it’s nearly impossible to get rid of it. Occasional pruning to prevent the plant from blossoming is the only significant care it requires.

Spring onions:

This is another plant that is simple to grow and can make your meals as sophisticated as any dish in a five-star restaurant. Once established it is hard to do much to destroy this plant. You can even clip the tops off, leave the roots in the ground and it will grow a fresh green stalk for you to harvest again.

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