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Easy garden design concepts for your home

Creating the perfect yard doesn’t require a formal education in design, but it does require planning and a clear vision of what you want. Use the resources you have on hand, research on the internet and gather advice from a professional - but in the end, you have to be happy and comfortable with the outcome.

Here are some easy design concepts for your home garden to help inspire you to come up with something great.

Use screening plants to create an urban oasis

Using plants to shade or create a privacy screening is a great way to create a sanctuary for yourself, even if neighbours surround you. Bamboo is a great privacy screen. It grows tall and fast and has the added benefit of needing very little training. You can grow it along with your fence or use it as a hedge.

Use raised garden beds

Raised garden beds not only add growing space to plant more vegetables or flowers in your yard, but it can add a new dimension and sophistication to its layout as well. Build raised beds out of unconventional materials like large logs to give a rustic feel to your garden. Using old shipping pallets painted in lovely pastel colours can give off a bohemian vibe. There are literally hundreds of ways you can use reclaimed materials to create containers that will make your yard pop.

Use the available vertical space

Many of us limit our ideas about garden design to the square footage we have available on the ground and miss the open space we have around our yard. Planters or trellises can be installed on walls and fences to support fruiting vines like passion fruit or flowering vines like star jasmine.

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