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7 landscaping mistakes you should avoid

Landscaping is one of those things in life that is a decent mixture of both art and science. It helps to have the right eye for design, but you also need to know a little about a plant’s biology and chemistry.

While it always makes sense to hire a professional gardening services company to help you maintain the landscaping in your yard, it is equally vital that you as the property owner know what not to do.

It is in the best interest of your property to be an active participant in the health and care of your yard. Here are seven landscaping mistakes to avoid.

  1. Planting invasive species – Not every plant is a good plant. There are unfortunately many species of plants that are not native to Australia which can harm our environment. They may be poisonous to native animals or may even prevent the growth of local flora that birds and animals feed from. Regardless of how it may look, it's best to get advice before putting an exotic plant in the ground.
  2. Pruning at the wrong time of year – This may sound odd, but you can be doing your hedges irreparable harm by cutting them during the wrong time of year. This is especially true for flowering hedges. If you are pruning your plants during a time of year where buds are beginning to develop, you may miss out on having a gorgeous, fragrant flowering plant border your yard or garden.
  3. Watering at the wrong time of day – Early morning or late evening is the best time to turn the hose on. This ensures that most of the water you put in the ground stays there and is not stolen by the moisture-hungry sun.
  4. Using too many ornaments – We get it, you bought one garden gnome, and you thought he could use a partner. Then you thought maybe they would like another couple to talk to, and you invested in another set to bring home. While one or two well placed garden ornaments can add charm to your yard, too many can look tacky at best and slightly unsettling at worst.
  5. Growing plants in the wrong area of your yard – It is important to research a plant before you find it a home in your garden. Making sure it’s getting the right amount of sun is vital and placing a sunbeam-loving plant in a shady spot in your yard (or vice versa) can be disastrous.
  6. Not planning things out – It helps to sit down with some pen and paper to decide what you want your yard to look like and where everything should go. It's no use trying to cram a jungle worth of plants in a small space or giving a large yard an improvised look by using too few.
  7. Using too many pesticides - It’s natural to want to keep your plant safe by using pesticides to kill or ward off pests, but there a quite a few creepy crawlies that are very helpful to plants. Make sure you’re not killing them along with the harmful ones by researching the side effects of a pesticide before you use it.

If you need guidance on how to get your yard looking great or if you need assistance keeping your yard in tip-top shape, give us a call at Sergio's Gardening. Visit our contact page and get a free quote today.

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