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3 must-have garden tools you should keep at home

Gardening, like most other hobbies, has its own set of tools. There is a maddening array of gardening paraphernalia available, and you can spend a lot of money chasing after the newest gadget on the market. However, there are some tried and true instruments of the trade that can't be improved upon because they are so perfect for the job they do.

In this article, we will save you some time and money by offering a short list of some important tools you need to keep on hand. Here are three must-have gardening tools you should keep at home.


The lowly spade is the unsung hero of the gardening toolbox. Outside of a good lawnmower, this may be the most used item in your arsenal. It cuts through the dirt like a knife through butter, can be used to uproot weeds and, if you have one with a rule along one side, it can be used to measure soil depth. You really shouldn’t even think about starting a garden without one.


Pruning is perhaps one of the most overlooked aspects of plant care. Pruning at the appropriate time can ensure the healthy growth of hedges, increase the chance of a more bountiful harvest of fruit and vegetables, or even extend the life of your plants. When pruning, it is essential to use the proper tool. The type of scissors you get from the craft store will do damage to your plant by pinching the end of your clipping, preventing the new growth of leaves.

A gardening knife

Also known as the hori-hori, this noble instrument is the veritable Swiss army knife of gardening tools. It can be used for digging, measuring soil depth, weeding, separating plants that have clumped together at the root, transplanting and a host of other vital activities.

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